The artworks are searchable by show, artist, and title; artists themselves are searchable by their name. Information may be entered in the search box in order to search our records. Please keep in mind that artists may be identified by a name other than their legal name, so searching for an artist’s full name, or even just their first name, may not return the results anticipated. To see a list of all the artworks and the artists for whom we can display information, please leave the search box blank and press the search button.

When using these digital images, you have the responsibility to observe the rights of the artists, who hold the copyright for these artworks. What you may do with the images:

If you are interested in publishing images of any of the artworks you see on this site, please contact the PCAP office. We will get in touch with the artist on your behalf to find out if you may include his or her artwork(s) in your publication.